Peel & Clear ® Color code

A two-in-one card for your marketing campaigns

Decode and win in two moves!

Smart tool

A presentation box of our entire range of Peel & Clear® Gaming is available with examples of each product, without a logo so you can do your customer demonstrations and designs of your campaigns. With this presentation box you will receive two complementary boxes containing a multitude of designs.

These boxes, which are excellent design and presentation tools, are available on request and will be completed by a detailed presentation done by us.
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In this all-inclusive offer we accompany you from printing to the website!
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How the game works

  1. The player peels away the seal and the decoding filter is revealed
  2. He turns the card over and places the filter on the seal

Suggestions, potential evolution

  • Go to the terminal at your nearest shop to reveal the message.
  • A numbering system to couple coded messages is possible.
  • It is possible to associate a unique coding to each ticket in a numeric or alphanumeric format; the player is invited to log on to the site of the campaign. He enters the decoded word, e.g. “50%” followed by his unique code. The combination of these two elements entitle him to a 50% discount on articles defined by the campaign in all the chain of shops organising the game. The unique coding system limits the player to only one attempt at the game with the same ticket.
  • The product can be distributed in shops and/or inserted into packaging and/or inserted in magazines and/or distributed in letterboxes.
  • A wide range of formats and finishes are available for you to be creative…

Technical information

  • A section of the ticket holds both the coloured and filtered seal, hidden under the seal. The object therefore includes the coder and the decoder.
  • A message is coded in red or green on the back of the seal. Printed on the front is the decoding filter.
  • Each shop is equipped with a filter indicator, which controls the code being revealed. The unique code is associated to a certain type of prize, thus avoiding different winning numbers being entered than those decoded by the player.