Peel & Clear ® Nomad

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Smart tool

A presentation box of our entire range of Peel & Clear® Gaming is available with examples of each product, without a logo so you can do your customer demonstrations and designs of your campaigns. With this presentation box you will receive two complementary boxes containing a multitude of designs.

These boxes, which are excellent design and presentation tools, are available on request and will be completed by a detailed presentation done by us.
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In this all-inclusive offer we accompany you from printing to the website!
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How the game works

  1. The player removes the and scans the QR code
  2. A reveal zone opens on the screen. The player places his game card on his computer screen
  3. A message is revealed
  4. He enters the message and receives a confirmation of his prize by text or email

Suggestions, potential evolution

  • The product can be distributed in shops, and/or inserted in packaging in magazines and/or distributed in letter boxes…
  • In another form of usage the game medium could work in a TV game show. For example during the show, at a certain point a red or green decoding zone appears on the screen. The player places his ticket on the reveal zone, etc…
  • A unique coding can be associated with a message. The unique coding limits the player to only one attempt at the game with the same ticket. The unique code is associated with the prize type, thus avoiding different winning numbers than the one decoded by the player being entered.

Technical information

  • A message is coded in red or green on the front of the ticket under the seal. On the back, a QR code used with a smartphone opens the reveal zone (red or green) on a designated web page.
  • The seal is slightly adhesive to ensure being maintained on the screen without any risk of dirtying. A non-adhesive version is available.
  • The opacity of the seal prevents messages being inadvertently read before the seal has been removed.
  • A wide range of formats and finishes. Seals shapes that can be adapted to your designs.