Peel & Clear ® Froid

A refreshing solution for your summer sales campaigns

A printed message on the front of the seal appears when you touch a cold object

Smart tool

A presentation box of our entire range of Peel & Clear® Gaming is available with examples of each product, without a logo so you can do your customer demonstrations and designs of your campaigns. With this presentation box you will receive two complementary boxes containing a multitude of designs.

These boxes, which are excellent design and presentation tools, are available on request and will be completed by a detailed presentation done by us.
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In this all-inclusive offer we accompany you from printing to the website!
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How the game works

  1. The game medium includes a message printed in an ink which is revealed when exposed to the cold
  2. The player removes the seal and places it on a cold drink for a few seconds
  3. The message is revealed!
  4. To pick up his prize, the player goes to his nearest shop with his ticket

Suggestions, potential evolution

  • The product can be distributed in shops and/or inserted into packaging and/or inserted in magazines and/or distributed in letter boxes…
  • In another form of organisation of the game, one single encoding, in the form of numeric or alphanumeric numbering is associated with the hidden word. By associating the two elements “COLD” + “4567892” the player wins one of the prizes in any of the shops which are part of the chain organising the game, on articles defined by the campaign, whereas for example on another ticket the association of the word “COLD”+ a code, e.g. “4638967” will win him a different lot.
  • The player connects to the site taking part in the campaign. He enters the decoded word, e.g. “COLD” and “4567892”. He can also send his decoded message and his unique code by text.

Technical information

  • A protective film prevents the message being inadvertently revealed before the seal has been removed, thus providing good message security.
  • Thermochromatic ink is revealed when it comes in contact with an object whose temperature is colder than 10 degrees. Other temperatures are available.
  • A wide range of formats and finishes. Seals shapes that can be adapted to your designs.