Peel & Clear ® Decoder

Ideal for juniors, this app reveals a coded image

Suitable for all ages and all devices. Play at being Sherlock Holmes!

Smart tool

A presentation box of our entire range of Peel & Clear® Gaming is available with examples of each product, without a logo so you can do your customer demonstrations and designs of your campaigns. With this presentation box you will receive two complementary boxes containing a multitude of designs.

These boxes, which are excellent design and presentation tools, are available on request and will be completed by a detailed presentation done by us.
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Our Web Offer

In this all-inclusive offer we accompany you from printing to the website!
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How the game works

  1. To play, log on to
  2. Remove the seal which covers the decoder
  3. Use your decoder to find the clues hidden in the image until you get to the treasure

Suggestions, potential evolution

An app for all ages:
The decoder can be distributed first (for example in a pack, letter box, etc) and the messages to be revealed are to be found in shops, for example in a POS.
We offer the service of message encoding. The product can be distributed in shops and/or inserted in packaging and/or inserted in magazine inserts and/or distributed in a letter box…
For all types of communication: books, packaging, POS, inserts, flyers…

Technical information

  • The message to be revealed is printed on the front and made illegible by the scrambler printed on the seal.
  • The filter is printed on the front and is revealed in red or green.
  • It is the association of the decoded message and the unique code which makes the ticket a winner or a loser. (or “sets the winner level”) The unique coding limits the player to only one attempt at the game with the same ticket. Depending on the shops the POS may have different coded messages.
  • A wide range of formats and finishes. Seal shapes can be adapted according to your designs.